There are many ways to support the life-changing work of Trinity Counseling Service. Many companies offer matching gift programs to encourage employees to contribute to charitable donations. We encourage you to find out if your company will match your gift to TCS, doubling your contribution to our efforts to serve our community. Below is a list of some corporations in New Jersey that have corporate matching programs for their employees. There are many more companies that have corporate matching programs for their employees. If you would like help finding out if your company has a matching program, please call 609-924-0060.

Please review your corporation’s matching gift guidelines before applying for a matching gift.

ADP ADP associates can also participate in our Matching Gift Program and can contribute to an accredited and approved nonprofit organization located in the U.S. The ADP Foundation matches up to $3,000 per associate per calendar year.
Aetna Foundation Matches up to $5,000 of donations per person, per year to a qualifying nonprofit.
Apple Matching Gift Program Match ratio of 1:1. Minimum $25, maximum $10,000. Apple matches employee donations to most nonprofits including: Educational institutions (K-12 included), Health and human services, Arts and cultural organizations, Civic and community organizations, Environmental organizations. Employees of Apple can log into to view complete guidelines. Additional information on organization eligibility can be found at Employees / donors should register their matching gift requests electronically at
 Bank of America Match ratio of 1:1. Minimum of $25, maximum of $5,000.
Becton Dickinson  Matches donations made by eligible individual BD associates and retirees to a wide range of nonprofit charitable organizations that meet program guidelines.
Benjamin Moore Match ratio 2:1. Minimum of $25, maximum of $2,500.
Bloomberg LP  The corporate giving program further motivates and reflects employees’ interests through the Employee Matching Program and Dollars for Your Hours initiative.
Bristol-Myers Squibb  The minimum individual gift that will be matched is US$25 with a maximum gift per retiree per year is US$5,000
Burns & Rose Enterprises Inc  Call 201-265-2000 or email for more information.
CA Technologies  Employees can contribute to nonprofits of their choice worldwide with a one-to-one company match of up to $5,000 each fiscal year.
Church and Dwight Co., Inc.  Employees’ contributions are matched dollar for dollar by Church & Dwight.
C.R. Bard Foundation 

Disney ABC Television Group
Eaton Corp  Eaton’s Gift-Matching Program encourages community involvement by matching employee financial gifts to educational, arts and cultural institutions, and other approved nonprofit organizations of their choice.
Gillette Company Matching Gifts  Gillette will match $1:$1 for current associates and former directors. The minimum gift eligible for matching is $25.The maximum aggregate amount matched per participant each calendar year is $15,000.
Goldman Sachs  The firm will match gifts dollar-for-dollar from a minimum of USD $50 (or the equivalent) to a maximum of USD $20,000 (or the equivalent) per eligible individual, per calendar year. The gifts may be made in the form of cash or securities. Contributions may be made to more than one eligible institution.
JK Group 

The minimum matching gift request is $25, the annual maximum per employee is $250. Eligible applications must be received within one year of the gift date. Gifts will be matched quarterly per the following schedule:

Received by:    Paid by:

Mar 31                Apr 30

Jun 30                Jul 31

Sep 30                Oct 31

Dec 31                Jan 31

Johnson & Johnson  Through its Matching Gifts Program, the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies Contribution Fund will donate two dollars to qualified nonprofit organizations for every one dollar an employee or retiree contributes within the guidelines. Each gift must be a minimum of $25 in order to be matched. A maximum of $12,500 per year for each employee/retiree will be double matched regardlessof the number of gifts.
Merck  The minimum gift is $24 per designated organization. Donations of less than $24 per organization will not be matched by Merck. There is no maximum gift total. However, the maximum gift total that will be matched is $30,000 per eligible donor per calendar year. Matching funds are made on an unrestricted basis even though you may designate how you want your personal gift used.
Merrill Lynch Match ratio 1:1. Minimum of $25, maximum of $5,000.
Morgan Stanley  The matching gifts program is called the “Charitable Spending Account”. Employees who contribute are eligible to receive up to $4,000 in matched corporate funds that can be directed to U.S. charities.
Pfizer  The Pfizer Foundation will match active Pfizer employee gifts of at least $25 each, but up to $15,000 in total gifts, per person per calendar year made. Retiree donations will be matched at 50% up to a maximum of $5,000.
Philip Morris  There is a minimum of $25 per individual gift. The Program will match eligible donations up to $30,000 per donor, per calendar year. This may be given in a single gift or in gifts cumulatively totaling $30,000. All eligible donations will be matched on a one-for-one basis.
PNC The Matching Gift Program are for full-time employees. The minimum gift eligible for matching is $50. For installment gifts, each match request must be submitted separately and meet the $50 minimum gift requirement. The maximum amount matched per donor per calendar year is $2500. If the donor makes several contributions, gifts will be matched in the order received, up to the maximum annual donor limit for the calendar year.
Prudential  The Foundation will match gifts to eligible nonprofit organizations at a ratio of 1 to 1. However, the first $100 in direct gifts such as by check or credit card (does not apply to payroll deduction) received by the Prudential Matching Gifts Center, per individual, per year, will be matched at a 2-to-1 ratio. The minimum gift eligible for matching is $25 for contributions made by check, credit card, securities or life insurance. The minimum gift eligible for matching made by payroll deduction is $1.00 per pay period. The maximum amount of gifts eligible to be matched by the Foundation is $5,000 per individual, per calendar year, for all methods of giving combined.
Robert Wood Johnson Healthy System- Hamilton Foundation
Subaru of America We encourage employees to support causes and organizations that are important to them, and match their contributions on a 1:1 basis up to $2,000 per employee per fiscal year. All 501(c)(3) organizations are eligible excluding direct support of churches, religious, political and fraternal organizations.
Toys R Us The company will match contributions up to $1,000 annually made by employees to approved nonprofit organizations that keep children safe and help them in times of need; organizations that support the research, treatment, prevention and cure of diseases or disorders that impact families and children; and educational institutions, so employees can support their college or high school.
Tyco  Tyco International matches, dollar for dollar, donationsmade by eligible donors, up to $10,000 per year, to the eligible nonprofit organizations of their choice. Must be a personal gift, from the donor’s personal funds, which has been paid and not simply pledged. The minimum gift eligible for matching is $25. For gifts of installments, each installment must be submitted on a separate form and meet the $25minimum gift requirement. If the donor makes several contributions, gifts will be matched in the order received, up to the maximum limit for the calendar year.
UBS  UBS will match approved donations by eligible employees toeligible organizations dollar-for-dollar, up to an aggregate of$2,500 per employee, per calendar year. The minimum employee donation eligible for matching is $50. Employees must apply for matching funds within one year of the date of the gift.
Verizon  Employee donations of $25 or more to eligible nonprofit organizations and schools can be matched 1:1 up to $1,000, and up to $5,000 to eligible accredited colleges and universities per employee, per calendar year.
WellPoint  The WellPoint Foundation provides a 50% match for associate (both full-time and part-time) contributions up to $25,000, per campaign year, resulting in a maximum Foundation match of $12,500 per associate. All pledges made to qualifying charities are matched as long as the minimum giving requirements are met (for payroll deductions, associates must pledge $1 per pay period per charity and for one-time gifts – check, credit card and stock – associates must pledge $25 per charity). Contributions less than $1 per pay period or $25 for one-time gifts are not matched.