Individual Counseling

Let’s face it, life in the twentieth-first century is full of challenges. We are often faced with life events that are difficult to sort through, and sometimes we are confronted with problems that are too difficult to manage alone. Relationship problems, work-related issues, parenting challenges, depression, grief, aging parent concerns, and chronic health difficulties are just a few examples of common difficulties that can diminish our abilities to manage activities from one day to the next. Read through the statements below. If any sound true for you or someone you know, counseling may be helpful. I or someone I know:

  • Feels sad or angry a lot.
  • Feels tense or anxious a lot.
  • No longer find pleasure in activities that used to be enjoyable.
  • Spend a lot of time and energy thinking and worrying about problems.
  • Cause other people to express concerns.
  • Problems are taking a toll on health and ability to cope.
  • Having frequent problems in personal or work relationships.
  • Negatively affected by pressures and stress.
  • No longer able to sleep well because of an excess of worries.

Trinity Counseling Service understands that people seek counseling for many reasons. Our general counseling services are provided by psychologists, social workers, and professional counselors. At the time of your first visit, you and your clinician will begin to work towards a treatment plan that is mutually agreed upon and meets your specific mental health goals and needs.

Child Counseling

TCS works extensively with children through individualized counseling, and Psycho-educational assessment .  Children under the age of 18, make up 22% of our clients.   Trinity Counseling Service takes  pride in the number of highly trained counselors and psychologists here that are available to meet the mental health needs of  children. In addition to our general counseling services for children, we offer Family Counseling which works with the entire family unit towards the betterment of the child’s well being. One component of our child counseling services is the Child Intervention Initiative, a program that works in partnership with the Princeton and West Windsor Public School systems to identify, assess and treat the mental health needs faced by low income children and families in our community.

If you have any questions, would like to discuss our services with a staff member, or are ready to set up an initial appointment, please contact us at 609-924-0060.

TCS accepts many major insurance plans and financial aid/sliding scale is available to those who qualify.