Bereavement Counseling

How does someone cope with life after their spouse, parent, or sibling dies? At Trinity Counseling Service, we understand just how hard it can be to lose someone you love. Our highly trained, experienced clinicians tailor therapy to each individual or family, building a counseling plan that works for you in your unique situation. TCS clinicians can help guide those who are grieving through the stages of loss and grief, providing high quality support and care to individuals who may be experiencing the most tragic and difficult times of their lives. 

Through TCS’s bereavement counseling, adults, teens, and children are provided counseling and support, either individually or as a family, depending on the needs of each client. TCS’s goal is to help people face emotionally intense issues and life transitions within a respectful and safe environment. The course of therapy is tailored to meet the unique needs of each client.

TCS believes in providing support to all those who are appropriate for services at TCS. If you are having difficulty affording counseling, please let us know and a member of our staff can discuss options available to you.

Caregivers Counseling

For those who are dealing with a loved one suffering from a chronic, debilitating disease such as ALS, Alzheimer’s disease or cancer, it can be an overwhelming experience. TCS’s treatment can help you cope with a spouse, parent, relative or friend whose health or memory is gradually fading, leaving you wondering how to cope when you see their life slipping through your fingers. Caring for someone with such a disease also poses tremendous challenges emotionally, physically, and financially. Caregivers are subject to high levels of chronic stress, and often neglect their own self-care.

If you have any questions, would like to discuss our services with a staff member, or are ready to set up an initial appointment, please contact us at 609-924-0060.

TCS accepts most major insurance plans and sessions may be offered on a sliding scale.