Winter/Spring Speaker Series 2022

Trinity Counseling Service’s Speaker Series invites participants to engage in thoughtful dialogue about mental health and well-being. This series offers three evenings filled with insight and discussion on a broad range of topics. We are always honored to welcome our distinguished guests and hope you enjoy the recordings of our most recent 2022 Winter/Spring Speaker Series below.

Stay tuned for our next Speaker Series – more information to come!

You can also learn more about these videos by clicking on the “Speaker Series” under our website tab “News and Events”.

Watch: “Accelerated Healing with EMDR Therapy” with Michael Baldwin, author of Every Memory Deserves Respect, and Dr. Deborah Korn: Accelerated Healing with EMDR Therapy (Feb. 23, 2022)

Watch: “Personal Narratives and Candid Conversations” with Craig Kramer and Peter Paine: Personal Narratives and Candid Conversations (March 22, 2022)

Watch: “Breath and Boundaries: Powerful Ways to Reclaim Peace in a Time of Overwhelm” with Rev. Dr. Theresa S. Thames: “Breath and Boundaries: Powerful Ways to Reclaim Peace In a Time of Overwhelm” (April 27, 2022) 

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