Frequently Asked Questions

Can counseling help me?

We are often faced with life events that are difficult to sort through, and sometimes, we are confronted with problems that are too difficult to manage alone. Relationship problems, work-related issues, parenting challenges, depression, grief, aging parent concerns, and chronic health difficulties are just a few examples of common difficulties that can diminish our abilities to manage our activities from one day to the next. Read through the statements below. If any sound true for you or someone you know, counseling may be helpful. I or someone I know:

  • Feel sad or angry a lot.
  • Feel tense or anxious a lot.
  • No longer find pleasure in activities that used to be enjoyable.
  • Spend a lot of time and energy thinking and worrying about problems.
  • Have caused other people to express concerns.
  • Have problems that are taking a toll on health and ability to cope.
  • Am having frequent problems in personal or work relationships.
  • Am being negatively affected by pressures and stress.
  • No longer sleep very well because of worries about so many things.

To speak with someone about if counseling is right for you or your family, please call 609-924-0060.

Is TCS connected to Trinity Church?

No, TCS began as an outreach ministry of Trinity Church to the local community in 1968, but became incorporated as a separate entity in 1977. While we maintain a neighborly relationship with Trinity Church, we operate independently.

Is TCS only for Christians?

No, TCS is open to people of ALL faiths and our staff and clinicians represent a diverse group of individuals who practice many different faiths and spiritualities.

Does TCS only provide counseling?

No, TCS provides general counseling for adults, children and families, as well as psychological testing for adults and children. TCS also hosts a range of community based programs that include workshops, seminars, and events on mental health topics.

Is TCS only for low-income individuals?

No, TCS clients represent every socio-economic group. We operate on a sliding scale, accept most major insurance plans, and have temporary financial assistance available for those who cannot afford to pay for counseling. 

Is TCS only at one location?

Yes, TCS services are provided at 22 Stockton Street in downtown Princeton.  

Is TCS comparable to a private practice setting?

Yes, the quality of service at TCS is the same as you would find in any private practice. In fact, many TCS clinicians also have private practices outside of their work with our organization.

Do I need insurance?

No. While TCS accepts most major insurance plans, you are not required to have insurance to use our services. There is a sliding payment scale based on house hold income, available to those who qualify.

Does TCS have parking for clients?

Our apologies, we do not have reserved parking spaces for our clients.  Please allow enough time before your session to find a legal parking spot.  Two hour parking is available on Route 206 (Stockton Street) directly in front of Trinity Church’s campus except during rush hours, from 8-10 AM and 4-6 PM. There are metered spaces available on Mercer Street and in the municipal parking lot adjacent to Trinity Church (enter lot on Mercer Street).

Call us today to speak with our intake coordinator about whether TCS could be right for you: 609-924-0060.