Trinity Counseling Service invites you to join us to engage in thoughtful dialogue with distinguished members of our community. This series offers three evenings of diverse opinions, profound insights, and interesting discussion on a broad range of topics. Each presentation will be held at TCS at 22 Stockton Street, Princeton and will conclude with light fare and a cocktail reception. Space is very limited, please register early.

Join us for our first speaker, Matt Kohut, on February 28th. Dr. Adam Hauser will present on March 22nd, and Mr. Chris Kuenne on April 25th. Write- ups to follow.


Matthew Kohut 2/28/2018  6:30-8:00 pm

Persuasion and Presence 

Successful persuasion depends on the ability to present oneself  with confidence and authenticity, while at the same time being able to read an audience and adapt accordingly. Author and speaker coach Matthew Kohut will explore the connection between persuasion and presence with a focus on; establishing credibility and trust; understanding the role of nonverbal cues: connecting with diverse audiences: and using peak performance techniques to manage nerves in high-stake settings.


The TCS Speaker Series is brought to you by the Trinity Counseling Service C.O.P.E. Program.

To learn more, please email TCS Development Support Elizabeth Semrod.